Frequently Asked Questions

Your first issue will generally arrive within 8-12 weeks (this is the normal publisher processing time).  Magazines with 8 or less issues per year may take 12-16 weeks to start.  On rare occasions, the first issue may take even longer to arrive if the publisher is experiencing publication delays or is in the process of switching publisher clearing houses.  Each publisher operates on a different printing and mailing schedule (therefore, some subscriptions will start quicker than others). 

Once you receive your first issues, save the publisher’s address and mailing labels.  It is the responsibility of the publisher(s) to handle all change of address (COA) requests or delivery problems, and for you to notify them directly of any issues relating to your subscription(s).  Remember, the publishers are the ones who mail the magazine to you (NOT Books N Things Warehouse).  Every COA will result in missed issues.  This is because it generally takes the publishers 2 to 3 issues to make the address change effective, since they print the mailing labels for their publications several months in advance.  In addition, chances are your old facility will NOT forward the missed issues to your new location.  Please adhere to the following suggestions to minimize the number of issues you will miss because of a COA:  1) If you are about to be transferred to a new facility, wait until you arrive at your new location prior to placing a new order.  2) When you receive the first issue of a new subscription, locate the publisher’s name, address, and phone number (which can generally be found near the first few pages of the magazine…usually below or near the Table of Contents).  Save this information so that you can notify the publisher(s) directly of any address changes or delivery problems. *If you are transferred/moved prior to receiving your first issues, please contact us immediately so that we can notify the publisher(s) of your new address.  The publishers will likely still send 2-3 issues to your old facility before the address change becomes effective. 

If you have a coupon code, it must be used at time of checkout (prior to completing the order on our website).  Failure to do so will result in payment at non-discounted rates.  Coupon codes cannot be applied after the order has been placed.

Account deposits act as a gift card.  The money is credited to an internal account, under the account number and/or recipient you specify during checkout.  The account credit can only be used by the recipient (via mail).

If a book is out of stock, any unused portion of your payment will remain available as credit on your internal BNTW Account.  You can apply this credit towards any future orders.  We highly suggest listing alternates when mailing in your orders, this way we have other titles readily available to process for you. 

In general, all orders will ship from our warehouse within 3 to 7 business days (unless an item is on back order or is delayed from the publisher).  Book orders are shipped via USPS Media Mail.  Gift orders (shipping to a residence or business/workplace) are shipped via USPS Priority or UPS Ground.  If you place your order online, you will receive an email with tracking once your order has shipped from our warehouse.  The email will contain a link to the carrier’s website for easy tracking.

Books N Things Warehouse has a no return or exchange policy (No substitutions or cancellations).  All sales are final.

Unfortunately, we are unable to cancel or substitute any items once the order has been submitted.

Account numbers are assigned internally.  This is generally for orders received via mail or phone, and for adding account deposits.  Balances held on an internal BNTW Account are only revealed to the account holder.

All orders are shipped with a packing slip (affixed to the outside of the package).  The packing slip lists all items purchased and processed, as well as order processing notes (if applicable). 

If an item shows “Out of Stock” it means it is currently not available.  We suggest checking our website periodically for stock updates on a particular item.

Contact us via phone, fax, or email.

PHONE:  800-681-2740 (Phone Hours are Tuesday-Thursday 9:30 am – 1 pm EST)

FAX:  800-681-2741