Tibetan Singing Bowl / Meditation Sound Bowl (4″)

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• Deluxe Singing Bowl Set: Find greater peace and tranquility with this complete singing bowl set. Includes a 4-inch Tibetan singing bowl, 1 easy-to-hold suede mallet, and 1 soft silk cushion. Handcrafted in Nepal: The high level of craftmanship shows on this bowl, which is made using traditional techniques by artisans in the foothills of the Himalayas. Hearing the vibrations of the bowl can help put you in a relaxed state that calms you and reduces stress. Embossed Sanskrit Motifs: Adding to the visual beauty of the bowl are the hand-carved Sanskrit motifs. On the inside of the bowl, the “Om Mani Padme Hum” is believed to invoke powerful blessings, and the Buddha’s Eyes on the bottom symbolize the all-seeing wisdom of Buddha. Enhance Your Practice: Whether you practice meditation, yoga, holistic healing, or work with Chakra or Reiki, this bowl deepens your connection, grounds you and provides an aesthetic boost to your visual and auditory surroundings. Sonic Activation and Healing: All you need to play the bowl is the mallet—either tap the side of the bowl or slide the mallet around the rim to create a calming, resonant sound which will activate your sonic environment and help you in your spiritual practice.


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