VegNews (Vegan Lifestyle)

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  • Issues: 6
  • Language: English

VegNews magazine is a premier publication that promotes a vegan lifestyle. This colorful magazine provides comprehensive information about everything vegan. It caters to both strict vegans and people who enjoy trying different foods. VegNews magazine features scrumptious recipes, latest news, informative articles, international events, best restaurants, popular books, product reviews, celebrity gossip, and a lot more to help its readers lead a healthy and happy life. Filled with beautiful and inspirational pictures, VegNews will motivate you to prepare some of the delectable dishes in your kitchen. Every recipe listed in this magazine comes with easy-to-follow instructions to make your food preparation chores a breeze. Many foods available in the market are made using animal products or by-products. It often becomes difficult for vegans to identify which foods are truly vegan. Recognizing this major issue, VegNews magazine publishes several articles that provide much-needed information to help vegans make the dietary choices that they can be comfortable with. It also features helpful information about many vegetarian-friendly destinations across the world to help globe-trotting vegans maintain a healthy lifestyle while on-the-move. VegNews magazine publishes reviews of products and services for vegetarians and vegans. Whether you are searching for products, like vegan camping gear, or planning an event, like a vegan wedding, you will find all the useful information in this magazine. It offers handy tips on how to reduce your ecological footprints. It also serves up the latest vegan news and interesting interviews with vegetarian celebs.




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